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Study Abroad
Just want a taste of studying
abroad? Try a micro-study.
A Micro-study abroad generally lasts for 2-4 weeks. You can study with students in a local elementary or middle school in New Zealand through inter-classes. Experience real classrooms, local culture and lifestyle of foreign schools in an all-around way. Travelling around the local scenery outside of study is an overseas trip that is different from ordinary tourism and focuses on learning. At the same time, many families also choose micro-study abroad as their first choice for parent-child travel.
Harvest micro study abroad:
Participation and Dedication   |  
Self Management   |  
Social and Cooperation   |  
Independent Thinking   |  
Language Usage   |  
Expansion of Vision
Real Experience
— Transfer to a local high-quality school in New Zealand, meet New Zealand partners one-on-one, classify according to English tests, and experience traditional British education
— China-Singapore cultural exchanges and integration, in-depth experience of the cultural differences between the two countries
— Extend initiative, creativity and diverse thinking learning
— Warm-up for future independent study abroad
Life Experience
— Stay in a New Zealand local family, experience the New Zealand family atmosphere, learn Western etiquette, and experience being a New Zealand host
— Exercise independent living ability as a student
Cultural Experience
— Experience the unique Maori culture, broaden your horizons and knowledge
— Explore the natural history and humanities of New Zealand in an all-round way, and experience the unique customs of the southern hemisphere
Advantages of Micro-Study
Why chose Pengjing?
Stronger professional protection
We have a professional senior education service team. 8 national universities in New Zealand, 24 polytechnic universities, 50 English schools, 25 vocational and technical schools and a large number of primary and secondary schools covering the entire territory have maintained long-term stable cooperation. If you have long-term plans to study in New Zealand, our education and study abroad consultants will tailor a study abroad path for you free of charge.
Better service support
Pengjing International has more than five years of micro study abroad experience and provides New Zealand study tours for more than 400 young people aged 5-18. It truly allows students to experience life and study in New Zealand and gives students meticulous care and care.
Stronger customisation function
From kindergarten, elementary school, middle school to university, from short-term transfer to long-term study abroad, Pengjing International will tailor everything to your individual needs. Students who have reached 11 weeks of age can complete their study journey independently without the need for a parent to accompany them.
Better price experience
We strive to integrate various advantageous resources and provide multiple service programs. We will provide the most cost-effective study tour program according to your budget and needs.
More optional combinations
Carefully create several exclusive routes after entry for parent workday trips, inspection routes, and weekend family parent-child trips. Combine them as you like to create your exclusive micro-study abroad itinerary.
Living in a foreign country with a sense of belonging
Once you have entered the country, Pengjing will organise a welcome party and other group activities, promptly share information with the parents of students, and create a communication platform to help you and your children adapt to overseas study and integrate into local life as soon as possible.
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