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ACG Education is the largest primary and secondary education group in New Zealand (4 primary and secondary schools). It was founded in 1995 by Mr. John Graham, the former Honorary President of the University of Auckland and Ms. Dawn Jones, the current Director of the University of Auckland’s Principal Training Centre. Over the years, ACG Academic Education Group has rapidly developed into New Zealand’s largest primary and secondary school education group in New Zealand with its solid educational standards and responsible educational attitude. So far, ACG has 19 schools and 35 campuses in 3 countries, 10 cities. The 4 middle schools of ACG Academic Education Group all use the globally accepted international Cambridge textbook A Level. At the same time, ACG also teaches the IB Diploma. The results of students after graduation are recognised by developed countries in the world, such as the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.





  • University Characteristics
    • New Zealand has always been based on agriculture, and has taken the lead in the world with many advanced agricultural biochemical technologies. And Lincoln University is also a comprehensive university that focuses on agriculture.
    • The curriculum is flexible, practical and practical, so the employment rate of students graduating from Lincoln University has always been high.
    • One of the major features of Lincoln University is that overseas students can complete part of the research courses in their own country and can also apply for scholarships.


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Our Recommendations
ACG Academic Education Group has multiple campuses to choose from, and the teachers are strong, and the teaching resources and configuration are first-class.
ACG Academic Education Group has consistently ranked among the best in New Zealand for its teaching quality and student graduation performance. The passing rate of A Level examinations over the years is 100%. So far, ACG has a total of 395 high school students ranked first in the world in the International Cambridge Examination and No. 1 in New Zealand, and many outstanding graduates are enrolled in Ivy League colleges every year.
ACG Academic Education Group and Berkeley Conservatory of Music in the United States have an exclusive global cooperation project.
According to the 2019 Best Schools in Auckland rankings published by the New Zealand magazine "METRO", ACG Academic Education Group’s university enrollment rate reached more than 95%.